Dirty Power
Dirty Power
Saturday 13th July 2019 @ Slim Jim's
Doors 8pm to 10pm - Free entry
Dirty Power are a hard-rock trio who will be leaving their fist-pumping, mosh-pit rock behind, for an intimate set at Slim Jim's on Friday 14 Dec. The band will be doing acoustic versions of their songs as well as a swathe of covers.

Musical influences include alternative, punk, metal and modern hard rock bands, so expect everything from Led Zeppelin, to Nirvana, to Audioslave and a whole bunch in between.

Dirty Power is driven by an independent, D.I.Y. punk ethic, in everything from the writing and recording process, to the approach to touring and performing. It is also a collective of musicians, so the lineup is subject to change.

Tours, videos and recordings are happening. The way to follow the story, is to go to www.dirty-power.com and to find them on Facebook.

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Slim Jim's 10 + 1th Anniversary

Saturday 12th September
Slim Jim's 10 + 1th Anniversary
10pm to 3am - Free entry